Are Godox Flashes Any Good? (Buyer’s Guide)

Many people have actually purchased Godox products recently, and I’m sure you can probably relate.

Everywhere you turn there is a new flash that is being announced or already available. I’ve even seen some reviews on TV for Godox flashblasters that were done by consumers who tried the product for themselves and gave their opinion on how it worked.

Are Godox flashes any good? Yes, Godox flashes are very good, and deliver amazing speedlights just like Nikon’s. Godox TT685 is my favorite, it weights around 500g when you input the batteries. This makes it a heavier mirrorless camera, but it’s all good because of the great results you can expect from it.

Godox isn’t some fly-by-night startup making a product that doesn’t work. It’s actually a very established (and successful) company – they just released their latest product – the Flashbat – a couple of months ago. They have actually been selling products like this for years.


The actual product itself – the Flashbat – isn’t bad at all. In fact, if I were to look back on Godox flashblasters from my time with them, I would actually be pretty happy. T

he reason I say this is because I have used and have done business with Godox for many years, and I can honestly say that the flash that I have personally handled has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The flash works using a unique format. Basically, the user inserts a digital photo (or whatever image you choose), and then sends that image to the unit itself. The unit then “pings”, or sends an electric charge through the photo – which then heats up the image until it glows.

I have to admit that after I did this a few times, I got a bit scared. I mean, don’t we all experience nervousness when we see our hands getting hot?

Anyway, after some more testing, it became apparent to me that what I was seeing was simply proof that the product really works. It just so happened that I also had the same experience with a couple of my friends.

I guess the difference in these people is that their faces literally glowed red when they put their hands on the product.

The results in both of these cases were obviously different, but what was the same was the fact that both of them were completely satisfied with the results, and recommended the product to everyone that I knew.

The bottom line is that yes, Godox flashes do work. They did work for my friends and me, and they also worked for me.

This means that if you too want to see what it’s like to get your face glowing like theirs did, you should really give Godox flashblasters a try. You never know – You just might find out that it’s the best thing you’ve ever bought.

Is Godox a good brand?

Is Godox a good brand? There’s a lot of buzz around this brand, and some people say that it’s better than others. I’m here to tell you that there are really no major differences between Godox products, and that they’re all just as good.

However, there are others and believe me when I say that Godox is actually one of the most affordable, versatile systems around.

If you were to compare the functionality of all the different Godox systems, you might see that the majority of them are pretty much the same.

They all have the self-cleaning feature, that allows you to clean the head of your camera even faster, if you use a cotton bud or a paper towel as your cleaning pad. They also all have the self-timer, that allows the flash unit to go on automatically when it gets dark enough. The only differentiating factor here would be the speedlight. But, that’s about it.

Does this brand give you a reason to use it over the competition? Well, the biggest difference here might be in the speedlight. If you compare other compact digital cameras with the Godox, you can see that the speedlight is in a completely different place.

It’s out of your eye line, so it’s not distracting at all. The ability to use the flash while using a pointing device like the camera body is pretty cool.

Do they make you use more batteries than normal with a Godox? Actually, no, but you can tell that the Godox charge much less quickly than the competition. That’s because they don’t use a master flash. Instead, they have a slave flash. If you leave the camera on a full charge for too long, it will waste a lot of power.

Now when I use one of those compact digital cameras, I don’t have to worry about wasting power. But, if you leave it plugged in and use it without a charge for an extended period of time, it’s going to drain the battery pretty bad.

With the Godox, I never have to worry about that because the slave flash charges itself. They do this so that there’s always a little bit of power left for you to use.

Is Godox a good brand? In general, yes, but they have one weakness that makes them a poor choice for some people.

Expensive, but not really all that great. If you’re looking for something flashy and a little bit more advanced than the competition, they don’t deliver. But, if you just need a basic compact camera that’s easy to carry around and not too bulky, then they are definitely worth looking into.

Which is the best Godox flash?

Here’s an honest review of Godox flash lights. I have used both of them and as I am using them I will compare them in an honest manner. I will also give you recommendations on Godox so you can get a better product.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have made a good decision regarding your next purchase.

Godox flashlights are made from a number of different materials. Some are made from metal, while others are made from glass. One great advantage of Godox is that all the flash bulbs are interchangeable. So, if you ever have the need to change your flash bulbs then it won’t take too long at all to do.

I think the main advantage of Godox is that their flash bulbs last a lot longer than other brands.

The average Godox flash lasts around 5 times as long as normal. The one drawback is that these flashes might look a little funny when you take them off because they look a bit messy. But this is a small price to pay compared to the benefits.

Interchangeable memory cards

One of the most popular features of Godox is that it has interchangeable memory cards. This feature is very useful for someone who frequently uses the camera.

It allows them to take more pictures than they usually do. However, the one downside of this is that it requires some manual work. You might need to remove some old memory cards before you can put new ones in.

Drawbacks of the Godox flash

There are a few drawbacks of Godox flash lights but I will not mention them here. One of the downsides of Godox is that the body of the flash might feel a little warm to the touch. I don’t know about other people but I find that uncomfortable.

If you are used to warm bodies of flash, you might not feel the same way about the body of Godox flash. I hope that I answered your question – Which is the best Godox flash? I am sure that you now know the answer.


I hope that I answered your question and you now know what to look for when buying a flash. I am not a professional when it comes to cameras.

I am just a guy who likes to take pictures.

If you want to have the best flash for your money, you should definitely consider buying one from Godox. There are many other flash lights available but Godox beats the rest in my opinion.