The Best Flash For a6600 (Top 10 Favorites)

The Sony a6600 takes nice photographs in low light as it has an implicit flash. However, it is small and can’t project sufficient light on an object when you’re shooting in obscurity. 

If you get too close to an object, the picture seems foggy, and if you are too far, it looks somewhat faint.

Thus, I did some research to find an incredible flash to supplement the one that will fit my a6600 camera.

I consider it the best mirrorless camera and to give my research a fair viewpoint, I will provide the top 10 best flash for a6600.

Voking VK750 Universal Flash

The Voking VK750 universal flash is the best flash for the Sony a6600 from multiple points of view. However heavier than the Sony HVL F20M, it’s an enormous LCD screen and remote multi-flash control.

With a higher aide number (58), the VK750 provides excellent lighting when shooting an object. It is at least multiple times more splendid than the inherent flash in a camera. Try not to pressure overabundance light as it accompanies skip shooting feature that diffuses it.

On account of its huge LCD screen, this gadget allows you to get to controls and set the capacities accurately. You can coordinate this versatile flash anyplace as it has vertical and level rotation capacities.

VK750 additionally has a general mount flash that fits well into Nikon, Panasonic, Pantax, Fuji, Canon, and other Sony digital cameras. What truly stands out for me, however, is that you can use its remote ability to control different flashes inside a span of 10-15 meters.

The stroboscopic mode and other additional features on this flash give users space for imagination, so you can get creative with your shoots.


  • Water proof
  • Compatible with different cameras
  • Enormous LCD for better control
  • Speedlight, protecting pack, and a great stand


  • Hefty to haul around

Sony HVLF20M Flash

The Sony HVLFM20 flash is thin and simple to utilize. It is rated as GN20, which implies that it is a few times better compared to the inbuilt camera. It likewise conveys numerous valuable features.

This flash from Sony is ideal for the Sony a6600. It is small, thin, and light for simple transportability. It is additionally multiple times more brilliant than the camera’s inbuilt flash.

Furthermore, users deal with lighting using the ricochet flash and Advanced Distance Integration (ADI) features. The Auto White Balancing (AWB) feature additionally further develops the picture’s general quality.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Excellent lighting control
  • Features that improve picture lucidity
  • Remote control
  • Light and compatible


  • No LCD screen
  • Low GN rating

Neewer TTL GN36 Wireless Flash

The Neewer TTL GN36 flash is lower on the GN factor; however, it is similarly just about as amazing and versatile as the top flash on the list. It upholds remote transmission and is effectively compatible with numerous other flash heads.

Its flash’s GN rating might be lower than Voking’s but it is good for business. What’s more is that you can connect this camera to various other flash heads as an expert or slave.

It can communicate signals at 2.4GHz up to a scope of 30 meters (just about 100 feet). Using its remote transmission, you can run on up to 16 channels and control other flash heads on three slave meetings.

I likewise think that it’s simple to coordinate this flash toward any path as it can rotate both in an upward direction and on a level plane. It has a quick auto-focus help bar that helps zone in regarding the matter without obscuring, as well.


  • Effectively compatible
  • Expert and slave modes
  • Minimal speck matrix LCD screen
  • Simple control board
  • Amazing remote transmission range
  • Speedy reuse time


  • Prone to overheating

Meike MK-930 Manual Flash

One perspective that stands out about the Meike MK-930 is its smaller form. It has a wide scope of features that draw out the best in the Sony a6600.

The most noteworthy thing about the Meike MK-930 is its excellent flash control ability. There are eight degrees of flash yield control, which makes it simple for you to use the most out of this present flash’s GN rating of 58 meters (190 feet). This, combined with a shading temperature of 5600K, makes for great pictures.

Another great part of this flash is its excellent force consumption rate. It runs on four AA batteries that can convey up to 150 flash heads. At the point when its force comes up short, you can connect it to a secondary force supply through an external charging port.

Other striking features incorporate remote control connectivity of up to 30 meters inside (around 100 feet) and 15 meters outside (around 50 feet), auto-zoom, and adaptable vertical and level rotation.


  • Excellent lighting
  • Versatile flash control
  • Excellent force utility
  • Solid remote control
  • Overheating protection


  • Substantial and massive
  • Moderate reuse time

GODOX TT350S Wireless Flash

The GODOX TT350S remote digital flash effectively matches the best flash for Sony a6600. However it has a lower guide number, it compensates for this with additional features and excellent remote control.

The GODOX TT350S is inconceivably versatile regardless of the lower GN rating. It is effectively compatible with the camera just as other flash heads.

Since it is remote, this flash allows you to connect effectively with other compatible gadgets. It can remotely send to 16 channels up to distances of 100 meters (328 feet), which is a lot higher than the standard 15 meters (around 50 feet). It is likewise compatible with other flash heads both as a slave and an expert. It can control up to three slave meetings.

You can get to each setting and feature on this flash through a smaller LCD screen. The control board just has four fastens that are not difficult to get to. When shooting, you can use the manual flash or TTL auto-flash. It requires about 0.1-2.2 seconds for this flash to reuse, so you can shoot as quickly as you wish.


  • Simple control board
  • Amazing remote transmission
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast reuse time
  • Double openness


  • Delicate

Meike 320S Mini TTL Speedlite

Mirrorless cameras, for example, the Sony a6600, will in general be more costly than DSLRs on account of their intricate mirror instruments. With the Meike 320S Mini TTL Speedlite, you can in any case put resources into a quality flash at a lower cost.

Flaunting an 8-mode application for the force yield, this Meike flash provides better light control, particularly when you need to take shots at ISO levels past 800.

Like the Godox TT350S, you can set up remote connectivity to shoot up to 100 feet inside. With the flash’s shading temperature, you can improve the Sony a6600’s high-contrast goal to keep up with point by point tones and surfaces inland pictures.


  • Adaptable even and vertical rotation for speedy light ricocheting.
  • It contains a LED video light that allows you to shoot through a light modifier.


  • Moderate reuse time that would make you stand by longer.

Godox TT350S Flash

The Godox TT350S Flash is another acceptable decision as it feels great adjusted and automatically matches the focal length of the lens you attach to the Sony a6600.

This flash framework is an appropriate alternative if you need to go remote, as it can send up to 30 meters indoors. A speedy reuse time allows you to utilize the a6600’s continuous shooting mode and center following.

Regardless of whether you need to shoot a faintly lit room, you can program the flash to full power and use a softbox to diffuse the light. The Godox TT350S will in any case provide adequate illumination for the camera sensor to use.


  • Easy-to-use controls let users change the settings during a photoshoot without any problem.
  • Smaller and strong construction that ensures a lightweight camera and flash arrangement.


  • The press-and-hold power framework may squander battery life.

Godox TT685S TTL

The Sony a6600 is an excellent camera alternative if you’re looking for shading profundity at typical ISO levels. If you need to support predominant shading affectability even in low light, it is ideal to use the Godox TT685S TTL Flash.

This flash backings auto, manual, and slave modes, empowering you to track down the appropriate flash force depending upon the accessible light. This is likewise great if you’re chipping away at various flash arrangements.

At 0.1 seconds, the Godox TT685S has the quickest flash reuse time on this list, making this the ideal camera extra when you just have a couple of moments to shoot during dawn or dusk.

With the a6600’s picture stabilization, you can capture itemized close-ups and nightfall pictures, and you will not see the camera obscura. Consolidating the flash’s features can likewise make the camera’s auto-adjustment more effective.


  • Flash inclusion between 20mm to 200mm, which is appropriate for wide-angle and zoom shots.
  • Flat and vertical shifting gives you adaptability in shooting tall subjects.


  • Uses a locking wheel rather than a flip switch.

Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash

The Sony a6600 features improved clamor decrease functionality than its archetypes. All things considered, you can additionally improve picture quality and set low ISO esteems when you use the Godox V1-S Camera Flash.

While its inclusion runs more limited at 29 to 50mm, this is incredible enough while shooting close-by subjects. However, it makes up by having a quick reusing season of 1.5 seconds at full force.

The special thing about this flash is that it uses a round head rather than a rectangle one. This shape works effectively spreading the light equally across the diffusion board, boosting aperture regardless of whether the a6600 is using a thin gap.

Sony mirrorless cameras like the a6600 will in general have more saturated shadings. You can control this during a shoot by using the flash’s shading temperature mode. The flash conveys light impacts from the middle to the corners for smoother progress.


  • Produces up to 480 full-power flashes, which come with the long battery life of the Sony A6000.
  • Empowers manual force in any event, when on auto mode.


  • The plastic mount can be somewhat unstable.

Altura AP-UNV2 Flash

Mirrorless cameras aren’t modest. At the point when you need to change accessories, you’ll see that the Altura AP-UNV2 Flash is an expensive amicable and quality flash for the Sony a6600.

Indeed, even with a low value, its features can rival the other outer flashes. For example, its stroboscopic flash mode can uphold the a6600’s continuous shooting mode by producing multi-flash lighting for moving subjects.

The Altura AP-UNV2 has an all-encompassing flash scope of up to 100mm. Thus, you can exploit the flash’s different force levels and broadness while holding low ISO numbers in the Sony a6600.

While the Sony a6600 has inherent picture stabilization, low-contrast scenes can thwart the camera’s auto-adjust framework from working effectively. On such occasions, you can change the flash’s force yield and power to close the aperture.


  • Expansive degrees of force yield from profoundly brilliant to unpretentious.
  • Communicates well with the camera to set the ideal aperture.


  • The overlap-up diffuser separates without any problem.


Reference: https://www.dxomark.com/sony-a6600-sensor-review/


However, released in September 2019, the Sony a6600 is an excellent mirrorless camera that is holding up truly well. It is far much ahead than numerous new models when you outfit it with an outer flash.

I have evaluated a wide variety of flash heads that are compatible with Sony a6600, and I can confidently say that these ten are awesome. 

However, I suggest the Voking VK-750 as it is superior to the next flash heads in a few angles.

It’s splendid and provides excellent flash control. A large number of its in-fabricated features are automated. Generally, it can improve the nature of your pictures in low-light conditions.