The Best Trail Camera for Home Surveillance (Top 10 Reviews)

Many people don’t understand that game cameras (known as trail cameras) can be used for home security needs. However, they can be a great decision in specific occurrences. Indeed, the same features that make a trail camera great for capturing and exploring wildlife make it great for home security.

Trail cameras for home surveillance are used for:

  • Used for in-home security.
  • Watching out for pets or livestock.
  • Discovering who is raiding your bird feeder during the night.

However, many options make it difficult to tell which camera is appropriate for you, so we’ve arranged the top trail cameras for home surveillance to help you choose the best.

Here is a list of top 10 best trail cameras for home surveillance:

Spartan GoCam (4G/LTE) Verizon Trail Camera : Spartan Go Cam Verizon New 4G, Blackout, HD, Camo HCO Outdoor  : Sports & Outdoors


The Spartan GoCam shows how valuable trail cameras for home security can be. It offers cell connectivity and advantages that come along with the technology.

It features one of the fair plan interfaces, and you can effectively download the application on iOS and Android. If the application is not enough, you can go to the web-based interface, which will give you the opportunity to share similar features.

The product is strong and can undoubtedly keep going for a significant measure of time. Its plan guarantees that it can perform credibly under all conditions. Regardless of whether you run into any difficulty, the organization is offering a two-year warrant. With regards to battery life, the Spartan GoCam offers high-end performance. It has the very best features for home security.


  • Can access remotely
  • Good Battery
  • Uses Modern Tech
  • Simple App
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Great Security


• Its costly

• Sometimes restricted range because of provider

Spypoint Link-Evo Verizon Cellular Trail Camera

SPYPOINT Link Evo Cellular Trail Camera Brown: Sports & Outdoors


Spypoint Link-Evo is a remarkable camera in the industry. With its membership subscription and being powered by solar, it is making ways. The Link-Evo observes a similar norm and can take pictures for 24 hours with no SD card recovery.

It has a very excellent performance with a trigger speed of 0.3 seconds. Another feature that sets the Link-Evo separated from others is that the security trail camera has the most direct activation. Spypoint offers a home-to-handle service and can set up everything. They have an application that you can use to change every setting and access a far-off feed of the security camera.

The low-light exhibition of the camera is fine. It utilizes 42 high-power low sparkle LEDs to guarantee that the performance at night is excellent. Besides the membership service, the company provides a two-year warrant.


• Brilliant Performance

• Easy to activate the new camera

• Easy to change settings

• 0.3-second trigger speed

• 4G competent

• 42 low-glow LEDs

• Easy SD Card Access


• Doesn’t have a memory card

• Sometimes has insufficient signal strength

 Campark WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera Campark WiFi Trail Camera-Bluetooth 1296P 20MP Hunting Game  Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated for Outdoor Wildlife Monitoring  Waterproof IP66: Camera & Photo


The Campark Wifi Bluetooth Trail Camera can, without much struggle, make a conclusion for being outstanding amongst other trail cameras to use for surveillance. It connects through Wifi and gives you far-off access using the application. All you’ll have to do to change any settings is to open up the application on your phone.

In contrast with the other models, Campark has significantly improved the Bluetooth abilities of the device. You get excellent pictures and recordings because of the 20MP lens. It has a video objective of 1296p, and the sound account is excellent also.

The product of the camera guarantees that you get sound just when the camera figures out there are movement. There are IR LEDs that offer help for night vision. The low light presentation of the security trail camera is on a higher level.


• Wifi and Bluetooth access

• Exceptional Sound Recording

• High Quality

• Smart Software

• Water Proof

• Low light performance

• Effective IR Flash


Trigger speed is slower.

Stealth Cam No-Glo Triad G42 Trail & Game Camera : Stealth Cam G42NG No Glo Trail and Wildlife Camera. Day or  night proven reliability. Designed and Engineered in the USA : Sports &  Outdoors


Stealth Cam has gained popularity for making a trail camera for security. The No-Glo Triad G42 is a standout amongst other game cameras for security. It’s fit for using in four different ways; 12 MP/8 MP/4 MP/2 MP.

Indeed, even when using small resolutions, the Stealth Cam performs at an excellent level, giving you great pictures in all conditions. Because of the burst mode, the No-Glo exploring camera helps make mind-boggling 1-9 efforts after setting off.

Considering the 32GB memory card size, it’s not difficult to save every picture and recording. To make things easier, the No-Glo Triad has an external LCD. A Matrix obscure reduction guarantees that every picture taken is clear as could be expected.

The Stealth Cam No-Glo operates on 8 ‘AA’ batteries, and there’s an external power jack for the 12V battery box. It’s a 100ft infrared reach that clients can likewise control as per their requirements.


• HD Video Recording

• 100ft Range

• 42 IR Emitters

• External LCD Display

• Durable

• Multiple Megapixel Option

• Advanced Reflex Trigger


Batteries Are Used Up Quickly

Spypoint FORCE-20 Ultra Compact Trail Camera



As the name suggests, the Spypoint FORCE-20 flaunts a 20-megapixel definition that gives you super-clear pictures. A typical feature for the best trail camera for home security is that they can capture pictures comprehensively.

Different features make the FORCE-20 outstanding amongst other trail cameras to use for surveillance. Among these features are the multi-shot, time-pass, and video modes.

A multi-shot mode allows the camera to shoot five pictures for every discovery; clients can likewise totally change the time-pass plan.

At night is when the trail cameras will, in general, play out the best. The FORCE-20 uses 48 low-light LEDs to shoot infrared pictures at night. Indeed, even in poor lighting, you will get all the picture quality you need.

The camera is easy to comprehend, and you’ll experience no difficulty setting things up. It’ll perform dependably all through the lifetime.


• Great picture quality

• Adjustable Time Lapse

• Multiple features

• Great Ambient Performance

• Decent quality even on low megapixel settings

• Adjustable settings

• Great performance


  • Low resolution in time lapse mode
  • Videos don’t have sound

Browning Strike Force 850 Extreme Trail Camera

Browning Strike Force 850 Extreme Trail Camera BTC 5HDX B&H


The Strike Force 850 16MP camera has an 80-foot identification range and a speed 0.4-second trigger. Notwithstanding the 16MP goal of the cameras, they’re just equipped for recording at a 1280 x 720 HD resolution.

Browning Trail likewise incorporates an incredible “Zero Blur” IR LED illumination. There’s a 120-foot streak range that is equipped for recording a 20-second night video. The time-pass, in addition allows the Strike Force 850 to play out a period, slip during the day and at night too.

Regarding control, the Strike Force 850 is equipped for running on six AA batteries. It can run on a power supply that connects to the 12V jack. As outstanding amongst other trail cameras for security, Strike Force 850 is equipped for connecting effectively to your TV or Computer. You can decide to see the recordings or move the pictures to your PC.


• Different Resolution

• 0.4s Trigger

• 80″ Detection Range

• 1280 x 720p Recording

• 120″ Flash Range

• Smart IR Detection

• Zero Blur Technology


Short Warranty Period

Stealth Cam Triad GXW Wireless 18MP Trail Cam

Stealth Cam Triad GXW Wireless 18MP Trail Cam | 38% Off Customer Rated w/  Free Shipping


Stealth Cam is significant among users for making the absolute best cell trail cameras for security. What makes the Stealth Cam GXW so exceptional is the excellent presentation alongside its large measure of connectivity.

You will appreciate the features of the GXW wireless. The GXW has a maximum photograph resolution of 12 megapixels and can shoot the video at 1080p.

Performance during the day is exceptional. However, the night time performance isn’t excellent. Even though the camera uses present-day infrared innovation, the range is lower than those of the other cameras.

There’s a sure measure of low quality in the pictures, which the GXW takes around night time. Because the GXW is a standout amongst other cell trail cameras for security, it consumes more battery than other trail cameras.

However, the functioning is still great and you will not end up changing the batteries at anytime. If you’re looking for a cell security trail camera, then the GXW wireless is a great decision.


• Cellular Connectivity

• Wide Service Provider Support

• Max Photo Resolution 12-megapixel

• Video Resolution of 1080p

• Decent Battery

• No Glow IR

• Discreet Design


  • Normal Low Light Performance
  • Doesn’t Support All Service Providers

Spypoint LINK-S Cellular Trail Camera

Spypoint LINK-S Solar Cellular Trail Camera 2020 LINK-S-V B&H


This Cellular Trail Camera is sunlight-based fueled game camera security. The LINK-S Cellular trail camera will flawlessly move the feed to your cell phone. Spypoint likewise works effectively by guaranteeing the presence of the camera is at an undeniable level.

It’s anything but a trigger speed of 0.07 seconds. They likewise offer discovery at a scope of 100-feet. The camera utilizes 42 high-power LEDs that utilize infrared innovation. Accordingly, the picture quality around evening time is uncommon. Even though the LINK-S utilizes sunlight-based force innovation, it also allows you to utilize AA batteries.

To guarantee that the picture quality is just about as high as could be expected, the organization utilizes obscure decrease innovation. One thing that puts the gadget off guard is that there’s a membership administration. Without utilizing the help, you’re not going to have the option to utilize the trail camera at the most significant potential.


• Solar Powered

• Spypoint Application

• Additional Battery

• 0.07-second trigger response

• 42 high-power LEDs IR

• 100-foot Detection Range

• Easy-to-utilize


• Higher sticker price

• Subscription Service

Browning Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens Trail Camera : Browning Dark OPS PRO XD Dual Lens Trail Game Camera Complete  Plus Package Includes 16GB Card and J-TECH Card Reader (24MP) | BTC6PXD :  Sports & Outdoors


Browning Trail Cameras are at it again with the Dark Ops Pro XD Dual Lens, which is among the best trail cameras for home security.

It’s a 24 MP that provides IR illumination to make it outstanding amongst other game cameras for security.

A combination of top caliber and all-weather condition functionality makes the XD Dual Lens a standout amongst other trail cams for home security.

Also, the double camera lens ensures that the performance in surrounding lighting is of the unique request.

There’s a 1.5″ screen that offers video playback. The functionality is on another level on account of the 0.15-second trigger speed.

Another reason why it’s a standout amongst other game cameras for security is the movable glimmer range. It has the most outer scope of 80 feet. Moreover, a present-day configuration is functional and strong.

Its rough body has sufficient capacity with 512GB. With a steel cover, you will not have stress over anybody playing with the security trail camera.


• High-Quality Resolution

• 1080p HD video recording

• Incredibly Fast Trigger Speed

• Dual Lens Technology

• Accessible Display

• Crucial IR Detection

• 80 Foot Detection Range


Not the most ideal alternative during at night

Spypoint SOLAR-Dark Solar Trail Camera : SPYPOINT SOLAR-DARK Trail Camera, Brown : Sports & Outdoors


The Solar Dark Trail’s significant level functionality is astounding, and it has an unimaginable trigger speed of 0.07 seconds. The product has a long battery life on account of the integrated sunlight-based board that viably re-energizes the camera.

Besides the sun-based board, you additionally get a 12V lithium battery-powered battery. The manufacturer likewise utilizes other brilliant types of tech by incorporating AI picture recognition. While the design of the camera is more qualified for hunting, it is outstanding amongst other trail cameras for home security.

The small size implies that you can put different cameras to cover as many angles as you need. It offers you a lot of benefits in the arrangement.


• Exceptional Quality

• Easy to set up

• Great Video Recording

• Unlimited Battery life

• AI tech

• 12V reinforcement battery

• Invisible LED tech


Dull In Low Light


Trail Camera Market Size & Share | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-2025


Trail Camera Market Size & Share | Industry Analysis Report, 2019-2025



While a trail camera can help you view what’s going on outside your house, consider a professionally monitored framework to increase your confidence. When your house is protected by a professional camera, you are sure that somebody is there to help report in case of an alert occasion.