Can I Cancel GoPro Subscription After 1 Year? (Urgent)

Do you have control over your GoPro subscription? Can you easily cancel it if you’re no longer satisfied or feel like moving on? This is a question asked by many users of the HD camera-equipped sports camera company. 

Here’s what I know:

Yes, you can cancel your GoPro subscriptions without any penalty. They do not have an “unlimited use policy” as like with some other companies (coteries for example), hence, there is no catch in forfeiting your subscription in the event that you decide to cancel.

The growth of GoPro

Since the launch of the HD Hero, GoPro has been growing in popularity. At the same time, the quality of their cameras has been greatly improved.

The Hero has several unique features, most notably the ability to record High Definition videos.

These videos are available to view on mobile devices, on a computer and even on a television set. With the availability of this media, more people are turning to the Internet to view their favorite videos, and this is where the company wants to be found.

However, it is important to note that this new-found fame has also created opportunities for fraudsters and scammers who try to make money via unsecured transactions.

It has become increasingly easy to find individuals on the Internet who will buy your money for an amount of money higher than you actually paid for your subscription.

This is a direct violation of the policies of the company, which dictates that all purchases are made with legitimate funds from customers who own the rights to such purchases. If you have been advised by email that you are buying a “discount”, the validity of such transaction may be in question.

The only way to avoid fraudulent activities, like those that may take place when you attempt to cancel a GoPro money plan, is to be very careful of online payments. Only use PayPal or debit card to make purchases.

Also, ensure that you check the address and contact information provided by the website for the purpose of canceling your GoPro account. You should also confirm that you are communicating with the company directly and not through a third party.

If you do not have either of these details available to you, then at least ask for them so that you can perform a search for confirmation purposes. If you are unable to get any information pertaining to this issue, then at least make sure that you cancel your subscription as soon as possible before your financial information gets leaked.

In addition, some people have attempted to cancel their subscriptions without success.

For example, one user canceled his GoPro account without giving any prior notice. Despite being told that he had 6 months left on his subscription, he canceled the program within that time period. Such actions may be viewed as fraudulent or they could be considered as being in bad taste.

As a rule, these types of actions are strictly prohibited and will get you in serious trouble with your chosen company.

Another customer tried to cancel his GoPro subscription using a company email address that was incorrect. He was given a generic response, saying that he couldn’t cancel the subscription. It took him a few more minutes to change the password and move on to other programs.

This means that the company is legally obligated to give you a cancellation notice even if you have not signed up for their services. Any other attempt to cancel your subscription without proper notice will void all guarantees that you have made.

Benefits of GoPro subscription

Are you wondering if you should sign up for a GoPro subscription? As with any other service, there are pros and cons to the idea.

Here are some of the benefits of being an active subscriber

Unlimited access

The biggest benefit of subscribing to GoPro is that you will have access to all of the pros including the ability to edit, share, and duplicate your videos.

You will still have all the benefits of GoPro Subscription including unlimited cloud storage of videos and photos, and up to fifty percent off accessories and mounts. Here are some other pros and cons to consider.

All in one package

Everything you need is included in the package. Once you subscribe, you can start editing immediately.

The interface and video capture is easy to use. There are limited storage spaces, but the amount of footage you can store is great.

You will also be able to schedule future videos for storage. There are no limitations on what types of content you can publish from your camera.

Unlimited storage

You won’t have to worry about running out of space. Once you have lots of footage, you can easily compress it and share it with family and friends. You won’t be limited in what you can edit because the footage is already compressed.

You can also easily upload to YouTube.

Disadvantage of GoPro Subscription

Hidden costs

While it is very inexpensive at the surface, the price of a subscription can skyrocket if you decide to travel with your camera. If you are constantly traveling, you may not be able to justify the cost.

Also, if your interest is in extreme sports, you should think about if these are things you want to do for a living.

GoPro does offer many features for professionals, but if you plan on doing more simple things then you probably won’t need to buy a subscription.

So is it right for you? If you enjoy participating in extreme sports, then maybe a GoPro subscription would be a good fit.

However, if you just want to film everyday events, then a simple camera and memory card will get you most of the way there. Once you start documenting the things around you, then a subscription could definitely pay for itself.


The decision is up to you. Think about what you want to use the camera for and how much you plan on storing it.

If you are traveling often and rarely ever use the camera, then probably a GoPro subscription wouldn’t be worth it.

But, if you are constantly going to the extreme and you plan on storing the photos you take, then a GoPro subscription makes a lot of sense.