Does Canon 5D Mark IV Shoot 4k? (Beginner’s Guide)

The question many have been asking over the last couple of years is Can the Canon 5D Mark IV shoot 4K video? After much research on my part, I was able to determine that the answer:

Yes, Canon 5D Mark IV indeed shoot high definition video in 4k.

It was really surprising how easily the lens adapts itself to different subjects. For example, I was able to use it to take close up shots of my daughter playing with a ball.

I also found that the lens is very flexible and can capture even distant shots without any problems. When taking close up shots of family members or friends, I no longer had to press the shutter button continuously as I was shooting continuously.

Many people are often concerned that if they are using video cameras, the quality will be washed out. But this is not the case with the Canon 5D Mark IV.

It seems to take sharper images than before even when there are a lot of moving subjects in the shot.

The lens also has a higher resolution than the predecessors, which makes for some stunning shots.

The ability to shoot in full 4K resolution and then compress the file to reduce the size again made shooting in this resolution level very easy to do.

Manual settings (Overview)

Another great feature of this camera is the manual setting. You can set the focus to manual and take an action shot at whatever time you choose.

This worked perfectly for me when taking pictures of my little daughter playing in the pool. I was able to compose the shot so perfectly and did not need to press the shutter button for every shot.

It’s just like taking a still photograph.

How much does Canon 5D Mark IV cost?

The only issue I found with the Canon 5D Mark IV is that the lens is a bit pricey. The cheapest I could find it around $1,300.

It seems that the lens is perfect for the kind of shooting that I do and the video images were excellent but not spectacular like the DSLR.

For someone who does a lot of video shots and likes to make the scenes as real as possible, I think this is perfect. It would be nice to shoot all day and never have to worry about running out of film or having to wait for the next day to get more.

My honest take

Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase of the Canon 5D Mark IV. It brings a whole new dimension to my photography and the ability to capture moments like I’ve never seen before.

The new lens is working wonders on shots outside of the beach and indoor shots too. Between the picture sharpness and fast shutter speed, these are the main areas where I see the improvements.

Canon 5D Mark IV settings

In this quick video, you’ll discover how to change your Canon 5D Mark IV settings on the fly. Using a combination of video and text tutorials, you’ll see a demonstration of how to switch from portrait mode to landscape mode without even removing your camera from your hands.

We’ll go over her basic Canon 5D Mark IV settings for wildlife photography.

With just a few simple steps, I’ll walk you through every available setting menus step-by-step so that she can show you how to set your Canon 5D Mark IV to your desired settings with only a few easy steps.

Why your photography settings matter

It’s no secret that you should always consider your photography settings while shooting. The 5D Mark IV is no different; the more challenging part is determining what settings you should use and when. Should you use everything in the menu or keep it to a selected few?

Our tried and true tips will show you the best combinations to employ while shooting the wedding day photographs that you desire.

When setting up your photography settings, you’ll want to be sure to keep one thing in mind: light.

This applies whether you are indoors or outdoors. It may be necessary for you to adjust the flash setting to produce more natural light during your wedding day shoot.

If you have a relatively inexpensive camera, try using a bulb so that you don’t waste your money buying something that might not work as well as you would have hoped.

If you are on a budget, you might also want to think about a natural light sensor, which is very useful in low light situations where the lighting may be less than ideal outside.

Adjusting the Shutter setting

Your Canon 5D Mark IV bridal party formals photography settings, for example, will require a lot of movement.

The faster shutter speed will make this easier. As you take the images, move from one point to another. Do not forget to change filters at different times as well, since this can give your photos an appealing nature.

Indoor and Outdoor shooting settings

You’ll also want to keep your lenses wide open. For indoor shooting, shoot with lenses as wide as possible.

In outdoor shooting, you can keep them closed if you don’t want to blur your subject. This is important for portrait photography.

In the event that you are outdoors, you can turn down your aperture to a greater level to reduce the amount of noise.

As you progress with your wedding day portraits, you’ll be able to experiment with your settings more until you find exactly the results that you want.

You can always save your current settings and then go back to them later, should you need to make some changes.


Keep in mind that you might want to try different Canon 5D IV pictures in the event in order to capture different aspects of the moment that you are photographing. Whichever way you decide to go, you are sure to be happy with your portraits.