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Are Clip On Phone Lenses Any Good? (How They Work)

If you are looking for a new way to look cool with your phone and take memorable pictures, why not try to clip-on phone lenses?

These new types of phone accessories have become extremely popular in recent years. So, are clip on phone lenses any good?

Yes, clip-on phone lenses are perfect for taking group pictures. They come with wide-angle anamorphic lens, which is recommended for phone enthusiasts who want to mount and use digital lenses on their smartphones.

Fashion accessory

One of the things that really sets Clip on Phone Lenses apart from traditional “phones” is the fact that they are considered a fashion accessory.

Many celebrities have come out and stated that they like the look and style of the new clip on phone accessory.

Some even say that it adds an extra element to their personality. This is why this type of phone accessory is so popular among teenagers and young adults. With all the different accessories that you can choose from such as clips, you can easily change your look at any time.

Clip-on lenses are durable

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So why do people love clip on phone lenses so much? Why do they work so well? Well, one reason why they work so well is because these special lenses are made from very durable materials. They are strong enough to hold up against even the hardest hits your phone may take.

Another reason why they work so well is because these lenses are very thin. Because they are so thin, they don’t block out the light around your eyes which allows you to see through them.

Easily disposable

Clip-on phone lenses are disposable. Unlike your typical cell phone that requires you to constantly buy a new phone case or screen, these cases are built to last. You can throw them out after your phone has been used a few times and never worry about them coming apart.

Another great thing about them is that they are not overpriced, which makes them a very good choice for anyone on a budget.

So now that we know why clip on phone lenses are so popular, how do you know if they are any good?

Are they any good at all? It all depends on how badly you want something. If you are an extreme sport fanatic who uses their phone like it was a laser pointer then yes they definitely are.

There are custom designs that are made just for people who love extreme sports. These designs will be made thicker and more durable to withstand the abuse that they take from the extreme world of motor sports.

If you are not into extreme sports — but still want something that will stand up against the worst that life can throw at you then you should purchase some normal clip on phone lenses. There are plenty of different colors and designs to choose from.

Many people use these to replace their lenses when they get damaged.

If you have a really bad accident and need some good contacts then it is worth your while to purchase a set of clip on phone lenses. You can never have too many lenses.

Do phone lenses improve picture quality?

Phone lenses can greatly improve your picture quality, and even deliver better images than DSLR camera lenses.

Phone lenses are one of the hottest technological items around, especially when it comes to fashion and glamour.  

It has been many years since cellphones came along and changed the way we used our mobiles.

Nowadays, you can snap a lot of photographs with just a simple camera, although the first phones to do this were the black and white cameras of the early 1900’s.

Since then smartphones have evolved and added even more features to keep their users’ content.

One of the latest additions was the portrait mode, which allows the user to take an image of themselves in different poses. This feature is a great asset to smartphone users as they can easily change their appearance according to the occasion.

The only problem with this is that it makes it very difficult to take group photos. However, there are now some extraordinary smartphone lenses available that allow people to achieve great picture quality even when in group portrait situations.

These lenses have an extremely large diameter which means that the subject is not pixelated and there is also very little distortion.

Nokia HERE Camera Connect

One of the best lenses on the market at the moment is the Nokia HERE Camera Connect. The HERE camera is built-in to the phone and therefore, the best lenses for it are also built-in to the phone.

These Nokia phone lenses have an extremely high pixel resolution, meaning that the pictures taken with the device are extremely clear and sharp, even when there are multiple subjects in the frame. They also have a high optical clarity and so are able to capture portraits even in low light settings.

Another consideration to make is whether the same lens kit will work for selfies as well. The good news here is that the technology is here and Nokia has already produced a couple of popular smartphone lens kits.

There is a starter kit and then there is a pro-version that has more features. It has a body mount and a cap holder and of course, the ability to edit the images using a pro software like Photoshop.

Both phones in the HERE Camera Connect line have built-in image stabilization, so this should come in handy when taking selfies.

Final thoughts

Now, if you are wondering how you can improve picture quality by adding a wide-angle lens, the answer is simple.

The telephoto lenses can be mounted on the phones and they enable the users to take excellent photographs — regardless of whether there is a background subject in the foreground.

These lenses are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and are also very flexible when it comes to the subjects they can be used on.

The one downside is that they tend to be quite expensive. For some people though, the benefits they bring in comparison to the drawbacks they incur make up for the slightly high price.