Is GoPro Hero 8 Waterproof? (Read This Before Buying)

As you probably know by now, the GoPro Hero series is one of the best action cameras on the market.

However, it’s also one of the most expensive, and being an expensive action camera can mean that you might not have as many options when it comes to features.

For example, you might be wondering if the Hero is truly waterproof. Not in the way you think. You won’t get the same features in any water settings that you would with a more affordable device.

It seems that every camera these days is waterproof. But, is GoPro waterproof too?

The GoPro Hero 8 is not waterproof. However, it falls into the class of being able to withstand being submerged underwater for a long period of time. It can withstand being submerged for 5 minutes, but that time will vary depending on the depth of the water you are in. 

Still, it’s impressive to know that the company thought of this feature, and that the Hero can get underwater and still remain operational.

How does the waterproof system work?

While the internal mechanisms of the Hero aren’t particularly waterproof, the external shell is fully protective.

This outer shell also protects the sensitive electronics inside the camera from any water, although this isn’t as effective as it sounds. Because the electronics are sealed away, you can also forget about having to worry about them getting damaged by splashes or being exposed to rain.

So, what happens when you’re using the Hero underwater, though? Will it float around in the water like all action cameras? Well, since the internal mechanisms are waterproof, yes, you can get your hands wet without problems.

The exterior is also very tough, which is good in case you should accidentally drop the unit in a pool or river.

Use a Protective Case

However, should you drop your GoPro Hero into water, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your investment stays as safe as possible.

You can purchase a case to keep it protected if you don’t want to use the waterproofing feature of the device. It’s also important to ensure that you always wrap the camera in a towel before you set it up so that you don’t accidentally drop it in the air.

Some people will even put their water bottles on top of the Hero to keep it from getting damaged. The point is to not give the device a free pass when it comes to being waterproof, and you can do that with the case included.

For those who are concerned about getting the Hero waterproof, you should know that there are options available. There’s a self-winding sensor included, but this isn’t an effort to combat the loss of recording if the device sinks underwater.

There are also divers that will be able to use the Hero underwater, although this feature does depend upon the manufacturer’s approval.

Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind that your expensive camera is protected from water damage.

As long as you follow the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer, you should be able to stay secure knowing that your expensive camera will be safely stored away

Does GoPro Hero 8 need a protective case?

For some reason, the GoPro Hero camera models seems to always break down within weeks of being used.

It is not the camera that breaks down, but rather the part of the camera that is used to record the videos. After years of usage, the fragile sensor sometimes may breaks down.

Protective cases work

A protective case is the perfect solution to this problem. The case will be able to keep the camera safe from scratches and bumps that may occur during everyday use.

If you are an avid videographer who loves taking high quality videos and doing so in remote areas, then you definitely need to have a device that is capable of recording without frequent changes.

There are a few different cases available for GoPro cameras. Each one is specifically designed for certain makes and models of the Hero camera.

You can choose from several different colors as well as styles. This means that you have a great deal of flexibility when shopping for your protective gear.

There are also several accessories that can be attached to your case such:

  • Memory cards
  • Batteries
  • Lenses
  • Wrist strap

All of these items add to the convenience that you will experience when shooting your videos. You won’t have to worry about running out of room or getting your hands sticky when you are trying to use the Hero.

Maximum protection for your camera

Protective cases for Hero are designed to provide maximum protection while still maintaining the convenience that users love so much. Many of the cases include straps and wheels that make it easier to transport your camera.

Some have built-in stands that make it easier to set up and put away. The best cases will also include inside pockets that allow you to insert extra memory cards or batteries.

These pockets can also be used to transport your phone and other items that are necessary when you are not using your camera.

While some people believe that Hero cameras require little to no protection, the truth is that this is simply not true.

This is especially true if you intend on using the camera outside or in difficult weather conditions. When you are outdoors, you need to have the confidence that your camera equipment is completely protected.

If you accidentally drop your camera it could easily shatter and you would be without one of the most valuable devices ever created. Therefore, if you do not have a protective case for your Hero8, then you are just throwing money away like anyone else who does not own a Hero8.

Best Protective case for GoPro Hero 8

If you own a GoPro Hero 8 camera, you will want to buy the best protective gear that you can get your hands on.

This is because the Hero camera and its memory card are some of the most fragile and expensive on the market. When you are looking for a case you need to make sure you get the best protection for the money.

You may be looking at a few different types of cases that you can get your GoPro Hero camera equipment into.

These cases can be somewhat cheap or they can be very expensive. There are many things that you need to consider when choosing which case to go with.

The first thing you need to think about is how safe the case actually is. Will it hold your camera equipment well enough if you accidentally drop it?

Look for a high-quality case, this is important. A cheap one will probably not last that long and could easily break after just a few uses.

The Hero 8 looks like it will last forever but it really isn’t as durable as you might think. You should definitely look for a high quality case that will hold your camera equipment.

One of the reasons that people like the Hero so much is because it is light and easy to carry around. If you want to get the best protection then you need to make sure that you get the right kind of bag for your camera equipment.

Casio Proactive case

The most reliable case we are going to look at is the Casio Proactive. This is a hard case that provides great protection for your camera.

This case has straps included so you can strap the case onto yourself for easy carrying. The Hero is small and it can be difficult to carry with one hand.

This is a great solution for people who are just starting out and need a good camera case to protect their equipment.

If you aren’t looking to get straps with the Casio Proactive you can buy it without them. It doesn’t have to have straps, but they are included for those looking for added protection.

The Proactive is a fantastic camera case and I would definitely recommend it. There are many more cases on the market that you can get but this is definitely one that I would definitely suggest.

Final thoughts

Overall, the Hero is a great camera and it does provide good protection. However, if you are looking for a good looking, high quality case to protect your camera you should definitely consider the Casio Proactive.

You can get a low cost case or you can buy a high quality case that will give you great protection.

Whichever you decide to do, make sure that you buy a case that fits your needs and is the best protective case for GoPro.