How To Take Pictures of Clothes Without A Mannequin

You need to produce attractive, high-caliber, and engaging product photos to attract customers. And that applies to clothes photography as well. Whereas a mannequin is not always an option, how else can one take attractive photos of their products?

Conventional flat clothing photography is one of the common techniques of taking photos of clothes without a mannequin. It can be achieved by mounting the camera parallel to the ground and alongside lights. 

The clothing should be laid on a table and stuck with clasps and tapes as this helps to get an attractive outline and shape of the item.

This post is here to give a more comprehensive explanation of conventional flat clothing photography and any other method of taking pictures of clothing without a mannequin.

Read on to find out more tips and tricks you can use to get the desired photo of your clothing item. 

How Can You Take Photos of Clothes without a Mannequin?

Typically, mannequins and models are the best options for apparel photography. However, finding the ideal model and setting up a shoot can be time-consuming and troublesome, not forgetting very costly. 

On the other hand, a mannequin can deny the product presentation of the impressiveness it deserves and is also expensive. 

Therefore, it is an equally important skill to learn how to take pictures of the clothes without a mannequin or model. It may take some time, but worth the trouble. It is also recommended for those on a budget and who are just starting in the industry.

There are various product photography techniques that you can apply, such as ghost mannequin service that is convenient and budget-friendly. The ghost mannequin service also allows you to take photos at home and negates the need for a mannequin. 

How to Do Apparel Photography

Product selling and marketing are proportional to each other, which means that a desirable and attractive visual presentation increases the likelihood of the product to sell.

Therefore, for any online store, producing precise, high-quality, and stunning product images is vital for the business’s growth. 

Two major methods can be applied in clothing photography; tabletop or flat lay clothing photography and ghost mannequin effect. 

Flat Lay or Tabletop Photography

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This method is the most preferable thanks to its simplicity. The approach involves placing the cloth product on top of a table or in a flat layout. This method has become popular among many brands and retailers since it allows flexibility in styling. 

Moreover, it is a versatile style, requires easy setup, and you can take man pictures in a short period. The traditional tabletop clothing photography was achieved by setting up the camera and lighting facing the cloth item. 

The delicate boxes, diffusers, and lamps were all on the camera side. After each piece of equipment is assembled, the clothing is covered using a stick or hanger. If you do not have a photo studio, you can create a unique brand style by using various hangers. 

This product photography can easily be done at home, and you can develop different styles for it. This method of apparel photography is budget-friendly and a technique anyone can do. It is therefore the best option to meet the demand. 

Short tips:

You can play with light by moving the light source here and comparing the lighting conditions that produce the best look. 

Also, make use of double-sided tape to stick the shoulders and arms in place to make the item more appealing. 

And when it is adequately bright and no wrinkles can be seen, take the shot. 

Conventional flat lay process 

Any retailers and brands want to achieve a goal to have a higher productivity rate in less photography setup. This goal can be achieved by employing tabletop clothing photography at home. This translates to achieving the best style shoots with the lowest photography pricing. 

Conventional flat clothing photography can be applied with the camera mounted parallel to the ground alongside the lights with delicate boxes and diffusers. The clothes items are laid on the table and stuck with clasps and tapes to get an attractive outline and shape of the product. 

Take Pictures of Clothes at Home

Flat clothing photography can be easily done at home. You will only need a flat lay photography lighting and the product kit to make sure you have captured all the items. The procedure is as follows:

Keep all the lines clean and locate the symmetry on both sides of the edge to get decent levels of tabletop photography. If you are a little uncertain, use the third-party control, putting the main components on a three-by-three system of grid lines.

For any photography of consumer products, the Canon EOS 7D Mk III is recommended. The cloth item should be placed in the middle of the table and ensure that the shot is taken straight. Also, when the cloth is laid on the table, you should ensure that the neck and shoulders are leveled so that they are straight.

You should always give the cloth items a natural form as much as possible for the two genders. You can do this by assuming the cloth being on a model, making it shaped and fine. All apparent products are well suited for flat clothing photography. It is cheap and simple to undertake. 

Making Natural-Looking Apparel Product Photos 

Once you have shot the clothing product, including all the clothing photography kits, you have to make it more natural-looking. It is essential to ensure that the cloth item looks like it’s directly imported from the manufacturer until you upload the photos to an online store. The shoulders should be aligned, and the product should be in the middle of the tabletop. 

And because the method is mainly basic and manual, you will need the ghost mannequin editing services. This effect is also referred to as neck joint service and can create a more realistic look for the apparel. 

Ghost Mannequin Editing Services

These photography techniques can be achieved without the complex studio setup, and often, they do not require a higher photography pricing. However, the photos may have light or color problems on some occasions, or the flat lay photography has no scope. In this case, you need a shadow creation service under the clothing item to add depth to the photos. The ghost mannequin effect is a sure bet. 

When performing tabletop photography, the lighting and color can be a major issue. Color correction is always required if you want to achieve jaw-dropping and eye-catchy cloth photos. The hand-drawn clipping path service can help in making simple editing and creating a consumer-friendly image. But the color balance is still the primary concern, even with proper care. 

The photo editing feature in Photoshop can come in handy to fix this problem before you can upload the photos online. There are also various photo editing companies that work to provide high-quality apparel photo editing services for such online stores. 

When it comes to flat lay cloth photography, attaining and maintaining the ideal image angle is frustrating. To achieve the right angle, you will need to utilize the image resizing tools in Photoshop. 

Apparel Product Photo Editing 

The ghost mannequin photo editing plays a significant role in simplifying the editing process and create incredible photos. More post-processing of the images will be required if you used the flat lay photography technique. Also, regardless of the photography methods you used, even with mannequins, you need adequate experience in photo post-processing to make the cloth items attractive and more presentable. 

Post-Process after Flat Lay Photography

Your online store’s success is based on providing consumer-friendly images. The owners have to strive towards achieving the most attractive and enhanced look to prompt the viewers to hit the order button. Before post-processing, you need to ensure that the apparel looks like it is straight from the manufacturer. 

Since tabletop or flat lay photography takes a manual approach, it is essential to do photo post-production. This is one of the surest ways to create web-ready images besides employing any product image editing services. With post-processing, you can attain fully optimized, attractive, and perfectly styled photos that are sure to attract the targeted audience. 

Editing to Reduce Wrinkles

Woman working retouching photo on laptop

When taking photos using the flat lay process, you need to keep in mind that it is not the ultimate solution for your apparel images.

The reasons behind this range from size, picture, texture, wrinkles, and so on may occur on the photographs, thereby ruining the product image. Spots and wrinkles are culprits for creating a distraction, thus lowering the quality of the photo. 

Thankfully, with the help of image editing services and companies, we can easily enhance image color by adding new color contrast, modifying the light, resize or crop the image as desired.

To achieve perfection, your tabletop or flat lay photography requires the ghost mannequin service. This technique enhances the image visibility as well as improves the trustworthiness and authenticity of your customers. 


For e-commerce and apparel business owners, the product photography is vital to the growth of their business.

It allows them to attract potential buyers by creating high-quality images and thereby increase their sales.

Flat lay or tabletop photography has given many business owners on a low budget to develop eye-catchy product photos online.