Do Old GoPro Accessories Work With HERO 8? (Explained)

If you are improving from a past version of the GoPro Hero camera and right now have a few accessories available, you may be figuring out whether they can work on the new model.

So, do old GoPro accessories work with HERO8? Yes, the majority of old GoPro accessories still work with HERO8 since the HERO8 Black comes with the same design standard of 3-prong GoPro-style attachment we’re used to. Hence, the accessories that utilize this mounting attachment point will function perfectly with the HERO8 Black.

Essentially, there are four primary considerations when making an effort to decide if accessories you’re utilizing right now with past GoPro models will work with the HERO8. 

I’m emphasizing updating from the HERO7 to the HERO8, although there is a lot to cover with past models. The HERO6 and HERO5, for instance, share a similar body design as the HERO7.

GoPro’s release of the HERO8 incorporated a more considerable enthusiasm around three new accessories particularly helpful to photographers: 

  • Media Mod: incorporates a more excellent outer receiver, HDMI-out port and goes about as a center point for the other mod accessories. 
  • Light Mod: an outside LED video light. 
  • Display Mod: A flip-up display allows you to perceive what you’re recording before the camera 

Some accessories have since been dispatched, yet suppliers struggle to keep up with the demand, particularly with global manufacturing and shipping problems.

These are the overall considerations with accessories for the HERO8:

  1. The lens port is not removable and does not stick out. That influences anything that attaches to the lens port, like snap-on filters, just as certain accessories where the field of view may be clouded. 

It additionally influences any frill, usually filters that go on instead of the glass lens port.

  1. The HERO8’s body is somewhat more significant than the HERO7 models. There’s a difference that most housings and covers will not work. 

That additionally goes for different accessories that fold over the body, similar to silicone sleeves and a few floats. Now and again, there are new models specifically for the HERO8 camera.

  1. The ports and buttons are in different positions. So any triggers or housings that interface straightforwardly to the button positions or any battery or screen frill with a designed USB-C part will not work.
  1. There’s no HDMI output on the camera body. To add HDMI output, you’ll need to utilize the Media Mod.

Here is how some types of accessories do or don’t work with the HERO8.

Poles and Grips

Floating Bobber Hand Grip For Gopro Accessories gopro

A large number of them will work since they, for the most part, attach with the standard GoPro mounting framework.

Some particular grips, similar to gun trigger grasp, require an edge mount to work appropriately. At this moment, GoPro doesn’t have its casing for the HERO8. Manufacturers will probably make it someday, sooner or later.


Swivel Camera Mount | GoPro

The HERO8 has a mounting strategy in that the attachment point is not incorporated into the base of the actual camera. So you don’t have to use a casing or housing as you have had to do with past models.

However, it is a standard 3-prong GoPro-style attachment framework that you are used to. So most accessories that depend on that mounting attachment point will only be great with the HERO8.

There are, however, infrequent exemptions. A relatively modest number of accessories need the camera to be in a frame (like the gun trigger).

GoPro HERO8 Batteries

Internal Batteries

GoPro Hero 8 battery

GoPro has delivered a recently developed battery with the HERO8. It is a similar shape, size, and power rating as the HERO7, HERO6, and HERO5. 

You can put one of the many old batteries inside the HERO8 and power the camera with all of the similar features accessible. You may run into problems using the camera in harsh weather conditions (e.g., hot) with superior modes like HyperSmooth Boost, Live Burst, and TimeWarp.

Yet, you will likewise get an on-screen notice that to get full functionality, you ought to use the more up-to-date model. Also, it will not work with the new battery wellbeing checker in the camera.

The new battery is additionally intended to be reversing compatible. However, before you use it in a HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, or HERO (2018), try to update the camera’s firmware.

Extended Batteries

GoPro Extended Battery

Any battery that uses a link to attach to the USB-C port will work. So, external USB power bricks and batteries that behave that way will turn out great.

Batteries that clasp onto the camera, similar to these, will not work because the USB-C port and compartment are in different positions on the body.

One of the progressions with the HERO8 is that there is a single compartment with one entryway. Not exclusively does the entryway fall off rather too effectively, but also, you can’t use it simultaneously when using the USB-C port for external power. 

Frames and Housing

For GoPro Accessories GoPro Hero 8 Protective Frame Case

Most housing and casings from the HERO7 models will not work with the HERO8. There are a couple of issues that become possibly the most critical factor:

  • The body of the new camera is somewhat more significant.
  • The buttons and ports are in different spots.
  • The mouthpiece pickups are in other spots.
  • The lens port is a different design.

Frame: The HERO7’s standard casing, which comes with the cameras, will not fit the HERO8. The new camera does exclude one since it has an implicit, overlap-out attachment point incorporated into the lower part of the camera’s body. 

GoPro doesn’t presently make a frame for the HERO8, yet manufacturers will probably fill that hole in a short while.

SuperSuit Dive Housing: The SuperSuit Dive Housing that worked with the HERO5, HERO6, and HERO7 will not work at the HERO8. Utilize the new dedicated Protective Housing. The cameras are different sizes, have different button positions, and other lens port designs.

The H8’s Protective Housing is the same and has a similar profundity rating (196 feet/60 meters). It returns with one strong entryway and one skeleton direct access (the SuperSuite returns with two substantial entryways and one skeleton passage). You can discover it here.

Floats: Floats that fold over the camera body should be one’s planned for the HERO8. GoPro has released its own, reusing the Floaty name. Any post floats or tie floats will turn out great.

Sleeve and Lanyard: I’ve discovered GoPro’s Sleeve helpful as a light layer of security when barely making the rounds with hand-held shooting. However, the past model accessories, of which I have a few copies, don’t fit. 

They are smaller for the H8 Black’s body. Less critically, the markings for the power button are in some incorrect positions for the new camera, just like the microphone openings. 

Memory Cards for the HERO8 

Best Memory Cards for

As a rule, most memory cards that work with the HERO7 work with the HERO8. However, it is an immediate cover because the HERO8 has a higher, most excellent video bitrate of 100 Mb/s (contrasted with 80 Mb/s for the HERO7. So, you can lean towards quicker cards.

If you’re looking for a speedy, sure thing, go with the SanDisk Extreme cards. Those are the ones that GoPro incorporates with cameras purchased through their authority online store at

Gimbal Cages

There’s no enclosure yet for the GoPro Karma gimbal or drone.


Many clasps on filters from the HERO7 will not work at the HERO8. That’s a result of the different lens port designs.

That additionally remains constant for filters that attach to the SuperSuit dive housing. The different lens port design implies that the HERO8 will not work in the Super Suit—you’ll need to utilize the comparable Protective Housing, all things being equal.

Old Camera Accessories

Purchasing used camera accessories is an excellent method to expand your previous digital camera hardware and stay inside your spending plan. Digital camera accessories, for example, sound enhancers, are an absolute necessity if you utilize your DSLR for shooting videos. 

These accessories can assist with expanding the clarity of your camera’s locally available sound, so it equals a camcorder. There are huge loads of different accessories that can work on your camera’s usefulness.

Types of Digital Camera Accessories

Digital camera accessories incorporate controllers, viewfinders, batteries, storage cards, flashes, and more. Digital flash choices permit you to control light better, take shots at all times of night, and give expanded openness to faintly lit regions. 

Flash mounts can assist with balancing out digital glimmer for further developed pictures. Picking utilized lenses and accessories is an excellent method to update your current hardware. Digital LCD accessories, centering screens give upgraded reviews, with extra features, for example, network lines, brilliance, and different controls.

Power and Charging

Consider buying a used DSLR camera with a battery grip for longer battery life to continue shooting longer. Some battery holds have a helpful control board that gives full menu access from the understanding. 

Digital camera chargers assist you with re-energizing batteries at the day’s end and during indoor shoots.


Difference Between GoPros and GoPro Comparison Chart - NiceRightNow


Final word

The best GoPro accessories will assist you with maximizing your GoPro activity camera.

Each addition here will further develop your shooting experience somehow or another regardless of whether by allowing you to utilize your GoPro in more outrageous conditions, by giving it additional power so you can film for more, or just by making it simpler to haul around. 

Large number of the best GoPro accessories listed here will work with all models of GoPro cameras. However, some will work with specific adaptations; we’ve noticed their compatibility for each situation.