Who Makes Switchblade Drones? (AeroVironment)

The military has been a key user of Switchblade drones for several years.

Their long endurance and ability to attack larger targets make them a valuable asset in combat operations.

Switchblade drones can carry anti-armor munitions and are easy to assemble in under 10 minutes. If you’re wondering who makes Switchblade drones, here’s what we found out:

AeroVironment is the sole manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems, including the SwitchBlade, 4-track drive systems, sensors, robotics, and facilitating connectivity, analytics, and intelligence.

A unique feature of Switchblade munitions is a wave-off capability that reduces the risk of collateral damage.

Operators can modify the blast radius before impact and wave off the drone up to two seconds before it hits the target.


The Switchblade is a type of loitering munition that was developed by AeroVironment. Many branches of the United States military are currently using this drone. It is launched from a tube, flies to its target, crashes into it, and then detonates its warhead.

This is a highly effective way to take out targets in dangerous or hostile areas.  

The company is currently building Switchblade 600 drones by hand. It has already purchased the materials it needs to fill orders, but it needs a government contract with a higher priority so that it can get the parts it needs to produce more quickly.

The current bureaucracy is hindering its efforts to supply Ukraine with Switchblade drones. Until this changes, the Ukrainians will have to settle for Polish Warmates and Phoenix Ghost loitering munitions.

In addition to providing surveillance, the Switchblade has other features that can help with identifying targets.

The Switchblade’s “kamikaze” drone can blow itself up and destroy tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery nests. Its maker, AeroVironment, is working with the U.S. Marine Corps on developing this new system and is working on a fly-off in January to choose the supplier.

While the Switchblade 300 is an expendable UAV that can be dropped in the battlefield, it is also a small, lightweight machine. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are designed to increase the firepower of infantry units.

Each Switchblade 300 weighs six pounds, including the launcher. Despite being small and lightweight, the Switchblade 300 can be carried by one soldier and expelled with compressed air.

The Switchblade 600 has a longer range and is man-portable. The Switchblade can fly for 40 minutes. It has EO/IR optics built into its gimbaled sensor ball. It can stay connected to its operator for up to 25 miles.

It cruises at 70 miles per hour and can dash as fast as 115 mph. It can be setup in 10 minutes by a single soldier. The Switchblade 600 weighs approximately 120 pounds and has a range of 30 miles.

U.S. Special Forces

The Switchblade is a tactical reconnaissance drone produced by Californian company AeroVironment.

The Switchblade has its origins in a 2004 DARPA program called Close Combat Lethal Reconnaissance, or CCLR.

The original design of the Switchblade was guided by fiber-optic cable, similar to that of Israel’s Spike-NLOS missile. The technology was later dropped in favor of radio guidance. The Switchblade was aimed at urban combat and had a range of up to 10 blocks.

Using GPS, infrared, and daytime cameras, the Switchblade drone has the range of over 6 miles and a warhead that is equivalent to a 40 millimeter hand grenade.

The Switchblade drone has been clocked flying at 85 knots below 500 feet. The Switchblade can be carried on an operator’s back and is small enough not to draw attention.

The Switchblade is cheaper than many U.S. drones and weighs less than five pounds. They can fly for up to 15 minutes. They are designed for use by small infantry units that want to keep an eye on Russian movements.

The larger Switchblade 600 model is a loitering missile and weighs 50 pounds. It can hover above a potential target and fire its missiles when it deems it is necessary.

The Switchblade drone is also gaining attention from other nations. Russia is developing a similar technology but has not confirmed that all of its drones are Switchblades.

It has been used in Syria and Ukraine. So far, the switchblade has been deemed effective, but a larger version is needed to blow up bigger targets.

And with its improved technology and increased mobility, the Switchblade is expected to become a highly sought-after weapon.

The military has ordered 350 Switchblade 300s from AeroVironment. The USSOCOM has been testing the Switchblade from an MV-22 Osprey. The Switchblade was successfully launched and maneuvered to hit its target.

Its advanced design is intended to fit within a Marine’s ALICE pack. The Switchblade 300 weighs 5.5 pounds and launches from a tube to fly toward a target. Once launched, it crashes into the target and detonates its warhead.

Other infantry units

The Switchblade is a small unmanned aerial vehicle made by a Californian company and is used by the U.S. military in Afghanistan. Its development dates back to 2004, when the U.S. Air Force’s Special Operations Command developed the concept. The Switchblade was originally a CCLR, or Close Combat Lethal Reconnaissance, drone. It was designed for urban combat, and its range was 10 blocks.

The Switchblade was first fielded by special operations forces in Afghanistan, and it is known for its accuracy and light weight. It has the capability to take down enemy vehicles and thwart ambushes. McCaul said the U.S. is working with other nations to supply Ukraine with more S-300 systems. The Ukrainian military has already used S-300 drones since the 1980s, and its troops shouldn’t require much training to use them.

The Switchblade was designed to assist the Marines in anti-personnel missions. The US Defense Department is still working to acquire the Switchblade 600, a more powerful variant designed to hit armored targets. Switchblade drones will likely be used in the conflict in Ukraine. But there is a good chance the Switchblade 300 will be in use in the next few days.

The company has received several contracts for its Switchblade 300s from the US Army, and has since developed upgrades to the weapon. The Switchblade 300 weighs about six pounds, including the launcher. One soldier can carry the Switchblade 300. They can also be remotely launched with compressed air. And because the Switchblade is so small, it fits in the Marine’s ALICE pack and can be easily carried by a soldier.

The Switchblade is similar to the TOW missile in its design and operation. It has a 40mm grenade warhead and can destroy light-armored vehicles. The Switchblade also uses a forward-firing shotgun-like blast to engage targets.

This is ideal for engaging targets at a distance. The Switchblade can also be aborted mid-flight, allowing a secondary engagement and reducing collateral damage.

Applicable uses of the military drone

In the context of the recent conflict in eastern Ukraine, the use of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles has come under fire, but the technology is far from new. Ukraine’s military already has an arsenal of S-300 systems, and a recent report suggests that the country is working to acquire more of them.

The technology is already in use in Ukraine, and the U.S. is assisting the country’s military with the deployment of the S-300 missiles.

A recent video has been released online, showing two Switchblade drones loitering in an open field, and a third that dives toward a Russian T-72 tank with its crew on its turret. The photos show the drones after they have been unpacked from their transport boxes.

The photos also show that the drones were marked with their serial numbers. In addition, the drones were captured after being released from their transport boxes, which was a significant feat for Ukrainian military engineers.

The US Army has also been using Switchblade munitions, and the US military is now testing them in Afghanistan. According to AeroVironment’s vice president for unmanned systems, the drones are “effective in addressing enemy ambushes.”

While the drones are not yet fully developed, the Pentagon has ordered more of them. The company is actively seeking to sell them to the Ukraine’s military and the U.S. military.

The Switchblade 300 is a revolutionary new drone that could change the way the country defends its borders.

The US Defense Department has confirmed that it is sending 100 Switchblade 300 drones to Ukraine, but the Ukrainian President initially expressed elation over the news but later said that he would rather have 600.

Clearly, the Ukrainian President is speaking out of desperation. The U.S. government has sent the Ukrainian military more than 600 Switchblades, and the US military is taking note of this development.


The Switchblade 300 drone is a lightweight, backpackable, and rapidly deployable device that provides increased lethality for warfighters.

The Switchblade 300 features real-time GPS coordinates and video as well as low collateral effects.

The U.S. has pledged to help Ukraine get a full supply of Switchblade drones as part of a massive $800 million aid package.

This is a significant step forward for the U.S. military, but it is unclear how effective this move will be.