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Why is Sony Battery Charger Blinking? (+ How to Fix It)

Are you experiencing troubles with your Sony battery charger?

Read this article to learn more about the various causes of a battery charger blinking.

This article will also address Fast charging, Light indicator, and Temperature sensor.

When you notice a red light, it may indicate that the battery voltage is low. If you see this light blinking constantly for about 24 hours, try removing the batteries and re-charging them.

In case the red light still remains on after removing the batteries, remove them and try to charge them again.

Fast charging of the battery

Whenever you plug your Sony camera into the wall charger, you may notice the charge indicator blinking red. This means that the battery has reached its maximum charge level and is ready for use.

You can remove the battery from the camera and re-insert it to continue charging. If this is the case, you must allow the battery to cool down before continuing.

However, if the charge indicator remains red after re-insertion, the problem is likely to be a hardware issue.

If the red light continues to blink, the voltage of the battery is too low. It will stay lit for a few hours until it reaches a full charge. Once fully charged, the battery will begin to show a solid green light.

If the red light is constantly blinking, you should remove the batteries and try charging again. Then, the red light will turn off. When the battery is fully charged, the red light will go out.

The CHARGE lamp may blink fast if there is a problem with the battery pack. This problem may occur if the battery has not been charged for a long time or if the temperature in the room is not conducive to charging.

In this case, the battery may need to be replaced. To avoid this problem, charge your battery in a climate-controlled room, and avoid the sun. If the battery continues to blink quickly, you may have a defective one.

Temperature sensor

If the temperature sensor on your Sony battery charger is blinking, there are a few things that you can do. First, unplug your battery.

The battery pack 100 contains the sensors, which are connected to a thermistor 110 by wires. If you find the temperature sensor is blinking, you may have to unplug the battery pack from the charger and test it. If it is too hot, the temperature sensor may stop working and it will not charge properly.

If you notice the indicator LED on your Sony battery charger blinking, the thermistor 417 may be open or short-circuited. To resolve the problem, you should replace the thermostat. Then, you should see your charging LED 510 blinking again.

Your battery charger should now be charging properly. If you notice it blinking, it means that the temperature sensor is blinking because it’s getting too hot.

Light indicator

If you are wondering why your battery charger’s Light Indicator is blinking, there are a few reasons it may be doing so. First, it may indicate a problem with your battery. In this case, you will want to check the battery’s battery capacity first.

Then, if you notice a blinking green light, it could mean your battery is too low. However, it could also be an error.

When your battery charger’s charge indicator blinks rapidly, there is a problem. The charger may be too hot. You should turn off the device and wait for it to cool down before re-inserting it. If the light continues to blink, try turning off the device and plugging it back in.

The LED will blink red again when the unit reaches too high a temperature. If this happens, make sure to remove the batteries and check the battery voltage again.

The charge indicator on your battery charger might blink when you connect it to the laptop. This means the battery isn’t charging properly.

Don’t leave it connected to your computer after charging. It may be a problem with the battery’s back-up power circuit. If you notice the battery light is blinking, you should take it to a repairman. If it’s still blinking, the problem may lie elsewhere.

If your battery charger’s Light Indicator is blinking because it’s charging, it may be a sign that you have a faulty battery.

The battery might be damaged or malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. A properly charged battery will have a solid green LED. If your light indicator blinks continuously, your battery might be too old for the charger. In this case, it’s time to change the battery.

Red light

When a battery charger on your Sony Xperia phone starts blinking with a red light, you may be in the process of charging your phone.

First, you should check if your phone is plugged in correctly. If it’s not, try plugging it into a wall socket. If this doesn’t solve your problem, try disconnecting your phone from the computer and plugging it into another power source.

Once you’ve tried these steps, you should check whether your power supply is working and the rest of your devices. In case these methods fail, it’s likely the battery in your phone is defective and needs to be replaced.

If your charger is not giving power to your phone, check if the unit is too hot. If it’s too hot, you’ll find a red light on the screen.

Turn off the device and wait for the unit to cool before charging again. In case your battery pack is defective, you should take it to a repair center immediately. If the red light is still blinking after a few minutes, check if your device has a problem with the battery.

A red light on a Sony battery charger indicates that the voltage is low. When it continues to blink for 24 hours, it means that your batteries are not charged.

To fix this, remove the batteries and try again. If the light stays on, you can try charging the phone without them. However, this will not prevent your phone from booting up. It’s best to consult with your manufacturer before attempting to repair your battery charger.

Reason for blinking

Have you ever wondered why your Sony battery charger keeps blinking? Sometimes, this red light appears and it is not a good sign.

When this happens, it is a sign that the battery pack is not charged properly.

If you notice this, then you must remove the batteries from the charger and try charging them again.


Sometimes, the charger is not plugged in at all and the light stays on. However, if you remove the batteries, the red light will turn off.

If the power indicator in your laptop charger is blinking, it may not be charging properly.

In such a case, it is a sign that the battery is low or the power jack is malfunctioning.

If the indicator stays on while charging, it could simply be a sign that you have paired your power bank and charger incorrectly.

Restarting your machine should solve this problem. Otherwise, you may need to call a service representative at Sony for assistance.